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Summer and Healthy Eyes

As the 4th of July is quickly approaching us and as we reach the mid-point of summer, I would like to talk about what we should be doing to keep our eyes safe. Yes, in this day and time, we are all wanting to save money, but we should not do that the expense of your eyes.

Sunglasses outdoors are a must.  This is where that extra dollar can go a long way when choosing good quality sunglasses.  This is one tip that has several benefits.  One, is that sunglasses do help protect the eyes from UV light.  These highly damaging rays from the sun can lead to aging changes, including the development of cataracts.  Second, is they also prevent these same UV rays from damaging the delicate skin on the eyes and your eyelids, as well. Think of it as sunscreen for the eyes. It can not only prevent a sunburn to the eyes but can also help lower the risk of developing skin cancer.  Third, with polarized tints they can also help cut reflected glare and help relieve eye strain.

Think of eye safety when it comes to summer sports and events.  If you’re going to be involved in an outdoor sporting activity, lenses made from impact resistant polycarbonate can help provide protection for your eyes.  For instance, take getting hit in the eye with a baseball.  Without a pair of glasses, the delicate eye itself would take that impact.  With a pair of sports goggles or sunglasses, that impact can be redirected to the harder bones around the eye.  While on the subject, a good pair of safety glasses can help spare the eyes of an injury, should there be any mishaps with the 4th of July fireworks.

Eyewear for the water.  If you’re going to be swimming in the pool, or at your favorite lake/beach, you want a keep a good pair of goggles handy.  These can spare the eyes of a nasty burn caused by chlorine in the pool or salt water in the ocean.  When it comes to a natural body of water like the lake, they can also protect the eyes from any infections that may be caused from bacteria found in the water.

There’s lots to enjoy in the summer.  The warm days, the daylight hours lasting longer, and the kids being out of school.  Have a fun summer and keep those eyes safe.

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