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Family Vision

Photo courtesy of people may wonder what the concept of family vision entails.  At it’s very core it means caring for the eye and vision welfare of the family throughout their lifetime.  It can start as an infant, in most cases the pediatrician does a screening in their office, but if these show concerns they will refer out for a full eye exam.  Its never too early to start and we recommend an exam at age 1, especially if there is family history of eye disease or you, as a parent, suspect some problem   Most commonly it begins at 3 to 5 years old as all children should have an eye exam before starting school to make sure the visual system is working properly.  The most popular age to first need glasses, especially for nearsightedness, is going to be between 8 to 12 years old.  Also very common at around 12 years old is when we first start to get questions about contact lenses.  At this age they are safe provided the child displays good hygiene habits and is motivated during the adaptation process.  For our younger adults in the early 20’s is when we will first have questions about LASIK, the most common age for seeing this very safe and effective procedure done is in our 30’s.  As we progress through the population 40 is the fun age where we first see the need for items such as bifocals or reading glasses.  Another transition that we start to see at these ages and more into the 50’s is increased risk for eye disease such as glaucoma.  It’s not that we don’t see eye disease in younger folks, it’s just that the instances start to go up as we age.  Speaking of eye disease when we get into our 60’s is when we may see the need for things such as cataract surgery.  In most cases cataract is just a normal aging change of the eye and the surgery involved to correct this is very simple, usually an outpatient procedure.  Later in life up into our 80’s and beyond it is more common to be dealing with changes such as macular degeneration that do lead to uncorrectable loss of vision.  At this time our focus still remains on getting the most use out of what vision we have.  I hope this gives some insight into the concept of family vision in the way that we try to provide here at Bluegrass Family Vision.

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